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ENVIE Straightening Hair Treatment for 90 Days of Straight

ENVIE Hair Straightening System Say farewell to frizz and hello to silky, straight hair. The ENVIE Hair Straightening Kit is an at-home, single application Keratin hair treatment using patented ingredients that eliminate curls and frizz for all hair types for up to 90 days. Leaving your hair looking soft, shiny and healthy, the Keratin straightening treatment features 4 hair care products with a new formulation for greater effectiveness and 25% more straightening agent.


How to use

The easy to use Keratin treatment requires just one application process that includes applying the four Keratin hair treatment straightening products – a pre-treatment shampoo, then hair straightener cream, followed by post treatment shampoo and conditioner. The hair straightener treatment is finished with blow drying and flat ironing
hair, locking in active ingredients. This entire hair straightening process typically takes 90-120 minutes based on hair length – that’s quicker than a trip to the salon, and the results last for up to 90 days!


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